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  • Raidable Bases [Implemented]

    Hello everyone, Lets talk about the upcoming feature called: Raidable BasesStarting next wipe on the 7th of October this feature will be live on the server for people to enjoy.Raidable bases is basically 5 bases get spawned randomly on the map and p...

  • Cooking Feature added!

    This new feature on Evolved adds a large variety of ingredients, recipes, and effects to the server.These ingredients have their own skins and names and are part of the many recipes included with this feature.- RECIPES:There are over 40 recipes.Each...

  • Staff positions are open!

    We've unfortunately had 2 great staff members stepping down recently, namely: Jbird & Harambe We are very proud of what they have done for Evolved, and we sure hope in the future that they maybe would re-apply.Hopefully of course they are also r...

  • Upcoming Backend Updates! (Completed)

    Hello everyone.Tomorrow 22nd August at 3 PM (CEST) the Rust server will shutdown for up to 1 hour due to backend updates.Think of Windows server updates, creating backups, cleaning outdated logfiles etc.Basically a routine maintenance that i will be...

  • New Design!

    Hello everyone. Today you'll see a new update on the website, mainly a rather big design change.Also some small bugfixes have been implemented.Changes:- Made it more obvious how to login.- Highlighted the support button.- Complete new design.- Fixed...

Dedicated Server

Evolved is ran on a powerful dedicated machine.

Ticket Support

No staff available on the server? Start a ticket with us, and we will assist you as quickly as possible.

Raidable Bases

There are Raidable bases on the map, and pvp is allowed in only those zones!