If the message that claims you won something is an official message posted by Evolved Management, then you can assume it is real. If a random stranger DMs you telling you won something, simply do not interact with that stranger. Please make sure to report any and all attempted scams to us directly. So we can prevent others from being affected as well.

Currently you'll get the following for boosting our Discord server:

  • Recycler Kit. (Gives 1 free place-able recycler per month)
  • Signals Kit. (Gives 3 supply signals per day)

Yes, both packages are permanent packages.

The EAC Temporary Server Ban is typically due to packet loss (i.e. connection timed out, authentication timed out, and excessive packet loss). This is a Temporary EasyAntiCheat (EAC) ban. It is not a ban we can remove on our end. Simply wait the required 15 minutes and reconnect to the server.


Public monuments (i.e. Oilrigs or Military Tunnels) and server events, like the Attack Helicopter (non-personal) or Bradley APC spawns, are server-wide events in public spaces and typically aren't meant to be solo'd. If others want to participate there's nothing you can do about it. - They want to have fun, the same as you. Compromise is a big part of playing a community based server!

Camping is when a player, or their team, loot and then log out or remains inactive (AFK or IDLE) in concentrated loot areas and returns to active gameplay to take said loot when it respawns. Loot camping applies to monuments and timed server events, including patrol helicopters, oil rig, Bradley APCs.

Rule: No camping loot rooms, monuments, or any highly concentrated area.

Yes and we absolutely appreciate any and all donations!
You can simply just buy Credits and not use the credits until you decide to use them. They will remain in your account. You could also send in a ticket through our website support system. If you wish to donate without receiving credits.

Depending on the circumstances we do offer refunds.
To see if you're eligible send us a Ticket through our website support system.

Players online at the same time as you are often trying to do the same things you are - at the same time. While you may see them at a few of the same spots, it doesn't necessarily mean they are "hogging" the loot. This is especially true on the server during peak hours.

Compromise is a big part of playing on a community based server. Players are encouraged to jointly participate in events, share the loot, and be courteous to others who are simply trying to enjoy the game, the same as you.

If you feel that a player or team is unfairly hoarding monuments/events on the server (i.e. the players repeatedly prevent others from participating and looting), please send us a ticket using our website support system.

No, our night times are only 5 minutes though, and day times last 55 minutes. However sometimes a staff member that is online might switch it to daytime on request. (That doesn't happen often though)

You can check the status of any of our servers on our service status page. We will post if anything is affecting our services. (https://evolvedservices.statuspage.io/) In the event of a crash, the server will automatically attempt to correct the issue and restart itself within 10 minutes. Although rare, sometimes it's unable to do so which then management will intervene to correct the issue manually.

Chances are, if the server you're trying to connect to is rejecting your connection, it's likely undergoing maintenance. Maintenance typically lasts about 5 minutes and happens a couple times a week, typically on Mondays and Thursdays.

If the server shows online and you're unable to connect there could be ongoing Steam issues or your local network connection is experiencing issues. You can check the status of Steam at: https://steamstat.us/ Join our Discord to keep up to date on outages and maintenance.

Store purchases last until they're gone, including wipes. VIP & VIP+ however are permanent and last forever.

Yes all vehicles do decay (Standard), however you can reduce the decay process drastically, by doing the following:

  • For cars, build a garage and put the car on a car lift connected to electricity.
  • For Minicopters, build a garage and store the minicopter inside.
  • For Scrap Helicopters, build a garage and store the scrap helicopter inside.
  • For Horses, build a shack with a trough, place the horse in front, make sure the trough has enough food for the horse.
  • For Rowboats/RHIBs, build a boathouse and store the boat/rhib in there.
  • For Solo/Duo submarines, build a boathouse and store the Solo/Duo Sub in there. (Make sure they are surfaced for no decay rates)

Vehicles purchased with the /license (Licensing system), do not decay.

You can send us an application at https://forms.gle/yiGsYDHnegsxWfne7
We appreciate your consideration and look forward to reaching out to you.

If you press TAB, it will open your inventory, and at the top right you'll see a red target icon including a timer.
Wait for that timer to run out before you return to the safe zone, and you should be able to loot your stuff in time.

Currently we do not have a verification system that takes care of things automatically, so in order for you to receive your roles, you simply send in a ticket using our website support system. Let us know your Discord name and what role you are missing.

Look at the sign you wish to display an image.
In-game chat type: /sil <url>
(where the URL is a direct link to the image file).

Send us a ticket using our website support system.

Alright, to start off please read what is actually punishable or something that goes against our current rules. Don't report someone for just name calling unless it is excessive and/or offensive. Like if someone just called you "Dumb" that is nothing worth giving any type of punishment. So unless it is excessive please don't report it.

Punishable Offenses:

  • Hacks/cheats of any kind.
  • Abusing exploits (taking advantage of bugs)
  • Advertising (Putting other server names or IPs in public or private chat)
  • Scamming with RL Money (Real Life)
  • Inappropriate content on signs.
  • Verbal harassment.
  • Excessive swearing.
  • Excessive spamming.
  • Charging back anything bought from our store.
  • Racism.
  • Anything that goes against our rules.

If you need to read over the rules, you can do so by reading the thread In-Depth Server Rules in the Documents section of our forums.

Please use the following reporting format:

  • Accused In-Game Name:
  • Rule(s) broken:
  • Evidence of offense:
  • Anything else you would like to say?:

Cheaters must be recorded, without sufficient proof the player can't be punished.

You are allowed to @mention Skillz on our Discord, however please do say in the message that it is regarding a Staff report.

Select the weapon/tool/item you want to skin in your hotbar.
Type in chat: /skinshop
(this opens a shop where you can purchase skins using the in-game currency)
Once you have purchased the skin you want to use, select the item in question in the hotbar and type: /skin
Click the skin you would want to use, and voila that's it!

You'll have to meet the player in-game to trade with players, we do not use any plugins for trading. Because we want to motivate and promote player interactions on a up close level.

Backpacks add an extension to your current inventory size and can be accessed by typing in chat: /backpack
You can also press F1 and type: bind b "backpack.open"
Then when pressing the B button, it will open your backpack.

That can happen, just open a ticket with us through the website support system, and we will sort it out together with you.

Sleepers are automatically killed after 20 minutes of being inside a safe zone (Bandit Camp, Barn, Fishing Village, and Outpost). This is an intended part of the game itself. Not a server modification. If you log out in a safe zone, you have to reconnect within that time frame to move out of there. If you log out in a loot room, you are automatically killed when the loot respawns. The only safe place to log out is inside your own secured base.

Yes, you are allowed to logout in custom monuments.

There is plenty of content you can do on this PVE server, the following are a few examples:

  • Small & Large oilrigs
  • Military Tunnels
  • Airfield, Trainyard, Water Treatment Plant puzzles.
  • Cargo Ship
  • Cargo Train
  • Public Patrol Helicopter
  • Bradley APC
  • Raidable Bases.

All these monuments and events have NPCs you can kill. Also depending on the custom map we are using, there might be a couple custom monuments NPCs to kill as well.

You can use the in-game currency for the following things:

  • /shop
  • /skinshop
  • /skills

The colored names you see in chat represent different roles in the Evolved community.

  • Cyan: Management
  • Red: Staff
  • Green: Moderator
  • Purple: VIP+
  • Pink: VIP
  • Blue: Verified Player

A staff member from Evolved will review appropriate log files and ask you to provide additional details, if needed. A staff member does not always have to be logged in on the server to investigate a player report. If the report is valid the staff member will take the following actions:

  • If no prior warnings are on the players account, a staff member will speak to the player privately to ensure they are aware of the rule and our expectation they follow it.
  • On a second occurence, an in-game warning is issued. Players are unable to interact on the server until they indicate they understand and agree to the rule.

Each staff interaction and warning is logged and remains a permanent part of the player's profile. All staff have access to a player's history and will see any previous warnings. (i.e. stealing, camping, political verbiage, disrespect...) on the account when handling player reports.

  • Formal actions. (Server mute, kick or ban) are taken when a player continues to break the rules, after they have been warned by a member of staff.
  • For serious offenses. (i.e. Racism, harassment, sexism, or ongoing disruption of the server) an immediate warning or ban is issued to the player and is applied across all Evolved services.

Rust is an ever-changing and expanding game that requires a monthly wipe. These wipes are to apply changes that would otherwise break the game. Wipes are essentially a fresh start, it removes all player and world data to allow changes and updates to take effect. Our server wipes during this period which typically happens every first Thursday of every month.

The In-Depth Server Rules are located at our forums in the Documents section.

You can leave your suggestions by making a thread on our forums in the Suggestions section. Please make sure to read the thread titled: Suggestion Format.

Please report any and all bugs that you may find using the bug report section on our Forums, please make sure to read the thread titled: Bug Report Format.

At this moment, we offer only PayPal as an option. It is also possible to use PayPal without having a PayPal account.

Steam has hundreds of servers that form it's authentication system and outages could vary based on region and location. This is why only a few players can be affected at once. Try restarting Steam. If that doesn't work give it 10 minutes before trying to reconnect to avoid a temporary EAC ban.

If you're experiencing issues with a store purchase, please send in a ticket with us through the website support system. Please keep in mind that it can take between 5 and 15 minutes for the items to appear in-game, also make sure you have inventory space available.

All safe zones in the game (Bandit Camp, Barn, Fishing Village and Outpost) will shoot at players that show a form of aggression near the safe zone.

Yes, we are using the vanilla rates when it comes to decay. So occasionally check your Tool Cupboard to make sure you have enough resources to prevent decay.