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This feature list only shows player available features.

Custom = Plugin custom created for Evolved.
Edited = Existing plugins that have custom code added to them.
VIP Only = Features that are specifically for VIP members only.

AutomaticAuthorization (Edited)

This plugin makes it so that your team will be automatically authorized to the following:

  • Tool Cupboard.
  • Turrets.
  • Shotgun Traps.
  • Loot Containers.
  • Doors.

They will not need to know codes to be able to access the team bases.
If you would like to have private loot boxes, keylock the box in question.


This plugin makes extends the player inventory by granting extra inventory space.
To open the backpack type in chat: /backpack
You can also bind the backpack to a button, for example the letter B.
Open the F1 Console, and type: bind b ""
This will make it so that if you press the B button, it will open/close your backpack.

VIP gets 35 extra inventory space.
VIP+ gets 49 extra inventory space.


This plugin add ranks in front of people their name in chat, and adds chat color.
The following groups are available:

  • Staff.
  • Moderator.
  • VIP+.
  • VIP.
  • Player.


This plugin handles anything loot related, currently we run Vanilla loot tables.
However this plugin handles the amounts that drop in each loot container.

BoomBox (Custom)

This plugin allows players to change the station on any boombox to custom stations assigned by staff. Also this plugin prevents decay off the BoomBox, Handheld BoomBox, and Microphone Stand.

Bottom (Custom)

This custom plugin adds the website address and discord address to the bottom of the hotbar.

BradleyGuards (Edited)

This plugin handles the NPC spawns that happen after the bradley fight.

BradleyOptions (Edited)

This plugin handles a bunch of checks to prevent bradley from misbehaving.

BradleyTiers (Edited)

This plugin adds multiple difficulties to the Bradley fight.
The current difficulties are:

  • Vanilla Bradley.
  • Easy Bradley.
  • Medium Bradley.
  • Hard Bradley.
  • Nightmare Bradley.

Each difficulty granting a bigger challenge and more loot.


This plugin allows players to always Demolish/Rotate building blocks.
NOTE: A Tool Cupboard is required to be able to do so.


This plugin adds a whole cooking system to the game, by playing the game as normal you'll be collection different ingredients. You can use those ingredients with the BBQ to cook certain foods, that grant several unique buffs.

You can open the recipe menu, ingredients menu, info pages by clicking the cooking button on screen when you have opened the BBQ interface.

Dance (Custom)

This custom plugin allows you to dance typing the following command in chat: /dance


This plugin shows the kill feeds in chat.

EasyVote (Edited)

This plugin allows players to claim rewards for voting on the vote sites listed on the website.


This plugin handles all the player in-game bank accounts.


This plugin allows players to easily upgrade building blocks by simply looking at them and left clicking with the building hammer.


This plugin allows players to have personal recyclers. (After they purchase it on the webstore)

FancyDrop (Edited)

This plugin sends out random mass airdrops at random interval at random location on the map.
It also makes the planes fly faster and the drop have purple smoke attached to them.

FixCargoshipRHIB (Custom)

This custom plugin prevents the cargoship's RHIB from breaking after a server restart.

FlippableTurrets (VIP Only)

This plugin is for VIPs only, it allows VIPs to place their turrets upside down on ceilings.

FullRepair (VIP Only)

This plugin is for VIPs only, it allows VIPs to repair items without any durability loss.


This plugin splits ore/food/wood etc, evenly into Furnaces, Large furnaces, Oil refineries, etc.


This plugin controls the gathering rates on the server.

GUIAnnouncements (Edited)

This plugin makes all notifications in-game look fancy.

HorseStopper (Custom)

This custom plugin makes it so when you ride your horse, and get off your horse it will instantly stop instead of continue running.


This plugin is the user interface on the server.
That shows for example whether the Patrol Helicopter, Chinook, Cargoship, Bradley, etc is spawned.

InfoUI (Custom)

This custom plugin shows a bunch of information on your screen when you first join the server, or every first time you join at the start of a wipe.

Kits (Custom)

This custom plugin is our own Kits system. The following kits are available:

  • Auto Kit. (Granted when spawning on the server)
  • Starter Kit.
  • Building Kit.
  • VIP Kit. (VIP Only)
  • VIP+ Kit. (VIP+ Only)
  • Purge Kit. (Purge Only)


This plugin cleans up the mess players leave in the loot crates.

Nightvision (VIP Only)

This plugin allows VIPs to turn on Unlimited Nightvision Goggles with the command: /unvg

NoDrops (Custom)

This custom plugin prevents the weapon you are holding dropping on the ground when you die or get downed.


This plugin removes the spawning cooldown on beds/sleeping bags.

NPCDistanceProtection (Custom)

This custom plugin prevents people from killing NPCs from further than 200m away.
This is to prevent people clearing out custom events without a challenge.


This plugin allows players to call in a Personal Attack Helicopter once every 3 IRL hours. Upon death while fighting the personal patrol helicopter, the patrol helicopter will leave. (So don't die)
Only you can attack the personal heli and loot the crates. The personal heli will not attack other players.


This plugin allows players to see a leaderboard of certain activities on the server with: /pr


This plugin allows players to buy skins using in-game currency in the skinshop: /skinshop
Then they can skin the item they selected on their hotbar with: /skin


This plugin allows players to toggle on/off Turrets/SAM sites without electricity needs.

Quicksort (Edited)

This plugin allows players to quickly sort their storage containers.

Raidable Bases

This plugin spawns 5 different difficulty bases on the map, that players can raid. Players are allowed to PVP in the raidable bases zones. This plugin has the following difficulties:

  • Easy
  • Normal
  • Hard
  • Expert (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)
  • Nightmare (Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday)

RustRewards (Edited)

This plugin controls all in-game currency that is gathered by doing activities on the server.
For example the following yields currency:

  • Gathering resources.
  • Looting crates.
  • Killing Scientists.
  • Killing Patrol Helicopter.
  • Killing Bradley.
  • And more.

Shop (Custom)

This custom plugin adds an In-Game shop where players can use their In-Game currency to buy specific items.
Sometimes some items will have a discount.


This plugin allows players to add images to signs.

Skills (Custom)

This custom plugin allows players to upgrade their character skills.
Skills are for example woodcutting which yields more wood, or stone cutting which yields more stone, etc.

Sleeper Protection (Custom)

This custom plugin prevents sleepers from being looted/killed.


This plugin control the stacksizes of all the items in the game.


This plugin control Timer for daytime and nighttime.
Night time lasts 5 minutes and day time lasts 55 minutes (IRL)

UnburnableMeat (Custom)

This custom plugin prevents meat from burning using campfires, BBQ's etc.

VehicleLicense (Edited)

This plugin allows players to purchase vehicles, these vehicles are only bound to them. These vehicles do not decay, and keep things you store in them.


This plugin welcomes players to the server.

Workbench Radius (Custom)

This custom plugin makes it so that players can craft using the TC radius instead of having to be near a workbench.








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