Transparency Report (July 2021)

Info Transparency Report (July 2021)



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This is a Transparency report based on the monthly data of Evolved.
This report shows differences per month based on statistical data for the Evolved services.

Each category will be explained, this report includes a lot of information and screenshots.
A new report is released the 1st of every month, detailing data from the month before.

Let's begin!

This report will cover the following categories:

  • Population
  • Entities
  • Memory Usage
  • Bans
  • Player activity
  • Plugins
  • Custom map
  • Statistics
  • Coming soon
  • Donations


We wanna thank each and every player for the support they give the server every single day.
We value all your feedback. So if you have any feedback for us. Make sure to let us know.

This month the traffic was less consistent compared to last month, but nevertheless it was still good.

We had an average of 5 players online at most times.
We saw the most amount of players this month on the 5th/6th of July with a total of 22 players online!
Our lowest amount dates from the 25th of July with 5 players online.

Check out the following graph:

Most players online: 22 (5th/6th July)
Least players online: 5 (25th July)
Average players online: 5 (July)


This category is extremely tough to maintain at a steady level without experiencing issues.
Too high entity counts could translate to a number of issues affecting players.
Mainly rubber banding, rendering and rarely even lag related issues.

This month the entity levels were normal.
This month the server reached over 210.000+ entities.

Check out the following graph:

Start count: 52.594 Entities (1st July)
Mid count: 126.135 Entities (15th July)
End count: 214.302 Entities (30th July)


The server currently has 32 GB DDR5 ram. (Assigned)
The Dedicated server has a total of 128 GB DDR5 ram.

On average we use 9.3GB, with our lowest amount being 4.5GB.
Our highest memory usage being 11.9GB.

Highest memory usage: 11.9GB (28th July)
Lowest memory usage: 4.5GB (1st July)
Average memory usage: 9.3GB (July)


This month we banned 8 players, which is rather low compared to other months.

We've handed out bans for the reasons as seen on the following image.
IP addresses are hidden for privacy reasons.

Check out this months bans:

Total permanent bans in July: 8 bans


We display the most active player on our server this month.
The most active player is rewarded with 1 month VIP next wipe.

The most active player last month was Jbird, however he is Staff.
The following numbers all have VIP+, except for number 2 Harambe who is staff.
The winner of 1 month VIP goes to number 9: killualot.

View top 10 most play time of players:


Currently our server is running 67 plugins.

Last months removed plugins:

  • Bradley Guards.
  • Cargo Drop Plugin.
  • Airship Plugin.

Last months updated plugins:

  • Evolved Drops. (Custom)
  • In-Game Shop. (Custom)
  • Kits. (Custom)
  • Skills. (Custom)
  • PlayerRanks.
    (These updates are usually feature/optimization/fix updates)

Implemented plugins July 2021:

  • Bradley Evolved. (Edited)
    • Bradley NPCs.
    • Bradley Levels.
    • Bradley Mechanics.
  • QuickSort.
  • UnburnableMeat. (Custom)
  • TC Radius Crafting.
  • EasyVoting.

(Custom) = custom plugins created by Evolved.
(Staff) = staff related plugins.


This month we ran RailwayIsland made by Gruber, i think players really enjoyd this map, unfortunately sadly the trains didn't work :(.
Next wipe we are moving to a new custom map called Subterra by mapper Niko, the trailer can be found on our YouTube channel.


Server rank: #2662 (Last month: #1678) (
Location: New York (USA)
Uptime: 7 days (100%) - 30 days (99%)
Map size: 4000
Entity count: 221.121
Sleepers: 275
Total plugins: 67
Total players: 2839 (lifetime)

The following stats are for fun only:

  • PVE kills: 133 (Radio Static)
  • PVE distance: 359.65m (Skillz)
  • NPC kills: 816 (Radio Static)
  • NPC distance: 198.29m (Skrim)
  • Headshots: 3432 (Jbird)
  • Deaths: 102 (Radio Static)
  • Suicides: 63 (Radio Static)
  • Times wounded: 46 (Jbird)
  • Times healed: 1059 (MORFEU)
  • Heli hits: 6124 (Radio Static)
  • Heli kills: 108 (Jbird)
  • APC hits: 955 (Jbird)
  • APC kills: 34 (Jbird)
  • Barrels destroyed: 1340 (GrandpaNoGame)
  • Explosives thrown: 229 (Skillz)
  • Arrows fired: 113 (SingularPickle)
  • Bullets fired: 30.316 (Radio Static)
  • Rockets launched: 957 (Jbird)
  • Airdrops looted: 264 (Jbird)
  • Money balance: 64.407,11 (Jbird)
  • Structures built: 29.594 (Harambe)
  • Structures demolished: 9261 (Harambe)
  • Items deployed: 4006 (Harambe)
  • Items crafted: 1474 (ok)
  • Entities repaired: 13.702 (Jbird)
  • Resources gathered: 5.475.377 (Jbird)
  • Structures upgraded: 2683 (Harambe)
  • Time played: 412 hours (Jbird)


Currently we are working on some exciting new content for Evolved.

The following is being added next wipe:

  • Harbor Event.
  • Full repair (VIP Only)

Harbor Event:

The first new content to hit Evolved hopefully as soon as possible, is going to involve the Facepunch Harbor.
We plan to do something cool with that, more information as soon as available.

Full Repair: (VIP Only)

Basically, when a VIP member repairs their weapon or items, they will not have any durability loss.

The following is being worked on:

  • New website launches soon..


This month we received 438 dollars worth of donations, also 70 new store purchases.
The following images do not show any personal identifiable information.


Due to a issues with our store that lasted over a week, some of the data isn't available any longer.
Thankfully i noted down all other donations made not through the website, but the website images will not show the full information.

Revenue graph:


Store purchases:

Payments taken from the donation reserves (July):

  • Dedicated server. (145,19 USD)
  • Subterra custom map. (40 USD)

There is currently 1.900,20 USD in reserves.

Dedicated server payment:

This was the transparency report.
If you have any questions, suggestions or just any feedback.
Feel free to let us know using our Discord and Suggestions section on the forums.

Thank you for your time!








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