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To keep the server fun for everyone we expect all players to stick to the rules listed below.
Violating them might result in a warning or a (permanent) ban depending on the violation.


  • Every 15 or so minutes, random airdrops spawn.
  • Don't steal personal airdrops, this will be punished.
  • Every once in a while staff might decide to send a mass airdrop.
  • To prevent FPS drops on the server, please throw a maximum of 5 airdrops at a time.
  • Supply signals should only be used near your own base.
  • If you somehow lose an airdrop due to accidentally throwing it into the water or it falls through the ground, you will not be given a new one.


  • Respect every player at all times! Stealing & raiding is not permitted and will result in a ban.
  • Stay with the public quarry/oilpump/Excavator when using it.
    • Note: In case you go AFK/Abandon it, other players are free to take everything.
  • No discrimination, humiliation or harassment of any kind towards other players.
  • Promoting violence, religions, politics or terrorism is strictly forbidden.
  • Help each other when needed and have fun together.
  • Do not cheat, hack or use glitches. This will result in an instant ban.
  • Respect staff/moderators! They will decide about you. Harassment or disrespectful behavior will result in a kick or ban.
  • If you're a VIP/VIP+ bear in mind the rules are also for you.
  • Regardless of your time on the server, do not act like you are better than anyone else.


  • It's strictly forbidden to camp or time the respawn for the Bradley APC, give all players a chance to kill it.
  • If you have not assisted in killing the Bradley APC, you are not allowed to look at/loot the crates.


  • Make sure you have a Tool Cupboard and add enough resources to prevent your base from decaying.
  • Building Limit: Max 150 Foundations (Any combination). Too big will be removed without warning!
  • It's forbidden to place more then 4 external Tool Cupboards.
  • Do not build over or around loot crates. Don't block access to monuments or caves.
  • Keeps roads/rivers CLEAR for cars/boats to pass! Anything blocking a road/river will be removed without warning.
  • Turrets/Shotgun Traps should be located so nearby players are never at risk of being hit unless they are inside your base or attempting to enter your base. Make sure they can't shoot outside of a window/door if someone is standing outside. Turrets/Shotgun traps can also be placed inside a sealed and locked compound but the owner needs to verify the turrets/shotgun trap can't shoot out. There are no exceptions, such as de-powered, peacekeeper, or trumpet turrets.
  • SAM Sites are only allowed during the monthly purge.
  • Demolish tool is only for fixing mistakes during the building process.
  • Trap bases are not allowed.
  • You cannot place barbed wires, floor spikes, or metal barricades outside your compound walls.
  • Builds that are excessive in the use of lights/signs/rugs/furnaces etc, that can cause FPS lag may be forced to reduce those entities.
  • To limit entities, planters are limited to 24 per team, 12 for solo players.
  • It is not allowed to build in the ocean away from the main islands. (Unless its on above ground/ice packs)
  • Make sure to lock your doors/windows to prevent unwanted people from entering your base.
  • Players can only claim one buildable custom monument.
  • You are only allowed to use 3 windturbines.
  • Do not wall off big masses of land to claim land you don't use.
  • If you are found building a structure that is inappropriate you will be temporarily removed from our server.


  • Keep the chats in ENGLISH only.
  • No promoting/advertising of different Rust servers and/or Discords.
  • No blank nicknames allowed.
  • No inappropriate nicknames allowed.
  • No nicknames with unusual or unreadable Unicode characters.
  • No inappropriate profile avatars.
  • No inappropriate content is to be posted.
  • No illegal content is to be posted.
  • No harassment, sexism, racism and/or hate speech.
  • No bot commands should be spammed.
  • Do not spam switch voice channels.
  • Do not invite players to play other games with you while using our text/voice channels.
  • Do not use annoying, loud, high pitch noises and/or voice changers in voice channels.
  • Do not use the music bot to play inappropriate/racist music.
  • Do not spam any text/voice channels.
  • Do not publish personal information.
  • Do not mention @Skillz, unless its an emergency.
  • Show manners while being in a voice channel with others.
  • Staff reserves the right to delete any post made by users.
  • Staff reserves the right to change nicknames.
  • Staff reserves the right to disconnect users from a voice channel if your sound quality is poor.
  • Staff reserves the right to disconnect, mute, deafen, or move users to and from voice channels.
  • Staff reserves the right to use their own discretion regardless or any rule.


  • Every 2 - 3 hours a public helicopter will spawn.
  • After a personal helicopter is taken down, the crates will be locked for the person who called it.
  • When someone is taking the public patrol helicopter, do not steal that helicopter away from them.
  • If you are stacked with loot already, give other groups a chance to take out the public patrol helicopter.


  • This is a friendly server, don't be a dick to others.
  • In-Game names must be in English characters.
  • Killing and looting players is not permitted.
  • Do not place sexual or explicit images or drawings on signs, those will be removed & punished.
  • The global chat language is ENGLISH, if you want to speak another language, create a team and use Teamchat.
  • Attempting to bypass the rules or not following the rules, will lead to a warning or ban.
  • If you have a problem with an added feature to the server, don't start a argument about it, but instead start a civil discussion about it.


  • Abuse of capital letters in a message. This sometimes can be when you choose to use capslock instead of using shift for capitalizing a letter. If your message is deemed as using capital letters excessively, you will be dealt with.
  • Abusing chat by spamming a series of messages in a small amount of time. If you would like to say something in chat, and want to keep adding to it, please put it in one or two messages rather then "Spamming" the chat. If your series of messages are deemed as spamming chat you will be dealt with.
  • Spreading the word of a cheater. If you reveal the cheater in public chat, this could cause the cheater to stop cheating in which we can't punish them. If you believe someone is cheating please either record it and submit it in ticket on our website, or message a staff member that is online and can review the situation and take the proper action. If you are caught hackusating, you will be dealt with.
  • Cursing/Swearing in chat. If you are caught excessively swearing either in public or private chat you will be warned.
  • Acting as a staff member when you are not. This could be telling a player they will be punished instead of going to a staff member to have them take care of the situation. If you are interested in becoming a staff member then please apply.
  • Saying the name of another server. We do not tolerate saying the name of any other server(s) while on our server. This is punishable by being publicly said, or privately. For this, you will be temp-banned.


  • Do not interfere with staff business, if a member of staff is working on something with a player, you are not supposed to tell the staff how to do their work, nor are you supposed to interrupt by telling the player what to do.
  • Not one player or team is more valuable than our community at large. If we get excessive complaints about a person or team, and/or if their actions, attitude, or behaviour is driving people (staff or community) off our server intentionally or otherwise, they may be removed from this community.
  • No promoting/advertising of other Discords or Rust servers.
  • You may be banned without warning for:
    • Being staff/admin/owner for a competing Rust server.
    • Trying to recruit from our community for other servers.
    • Aiding in the creation and/or promotion of another server.
    • Taking ideas, strategies, events, etc, from our server to replicate for a competing server.
  • Starting drama can lead to a permanent ban with no warning. This is a Rust server and not a social network platform. If you want drama, look for that elsewhere. You should never be doing something intentionally to hurt the community and/or the server.
  • Making a quit post/announcement in-game, Discord, or in any other formats will result in a ban. Creating drama or demonstrating attention seeking behaviours to negatively impact our community is not acceptable.
  • Staff & Moderators will aid in investigating player reports and concerns, make sure when reaching out to a staff or moderator for help to include what you need help with, spamming "STAFF" or "MODERATOR" or "HELP" is not appropriate, don't spam.
  • Spamming voice, in-game chat, private messages, or Discord text/voice channels with staff pings or toxicity may result in a kick and/or ban.
  • Report evidence and concerns of community members and/or staff/moderators to "Skillz" on our Discord.
  • Scamming another user out of real life money. This could be considered purchasing a rank for someone and charging back or paying real life money through PayPal for in-game items or money, and you chargeback or do not pay in the first place. If enough proof is shown you will be permanently removed from our server and will not be allowed to appeal.
  • Anyone found threatening, attempting or succeeding at either an attack or threat will be permanently removed from our server. Though you will not be allowed to appeal. Incase of DDOS attacks you will be reported to the authorities, as Denial of Service Attacks are a Felony.


  • It's strictly forbidden to loot other players, grief, raid and enter their bases without their permission!
  • Authorizing in someone else's Tool Cupboard without permission will be severely punished.
  • For your own safety, don't loot any decaying bases to prevent yourself from unwanted punishments.
  • Don't touch anything that is not public, if it doesn't belong to you then leave it alone.
  • Modifying the base of another player or placing ladders on it is forbidden and will be punished.
  • If you refuse to leave a players base after asked to do so, they are allowed to kill you.
    • They are required to say something about the incident in chat for staff logging purposes.


  • PVP is allowed in the Raidable bases zones.
  • Looting players is allowed in the Raidable bases zones.
    • If the player asks for their stuff back, at least give em something :)
  • Killing player outside the zone from the inside is not permitted.
    • If you are outside the zone, and you are killed by a player on the inside, CLIP IT, we will not punish without evidence.


  • Any player with a VAC ban in the last 3 months, who receives a player complaint or has any questionable activity may be removed by staff.
  • If you are banned and have evidence to support your innocence or want to appeal your ban, fill out a ban appeal in the Ban appeal section on our Forums.
  • Playing on an alternate account when your main account is banned is considered ban evasion and will escalate the original ban.
  • If you have evidence of a staff/moderator harassing, cheating/hacking, mass killing, etc. Send your report and evidence to "Skillz" on our Discord. Making false abuse claims (publicly in-game, Discord, voice, etc) can lead to a ban.
  • Being toxic/abusive towards a member of staff/moderator or towards the server is not tolerated. This includes refusal to follow what a staff/moderator says in an official capacity, name calling, being disrespectful, etc.
  • It is not considered abuse if an staff member kills a player breaking the rules. That is a staff member removing a rule-breaker from a situation.


  • Harassment, racism and explicit sexual content are not accepted in RP.
  • Don't make offensive "RP" with hate groups.
  • RP isn't required, but encouraged. Please respect other groups.
  • You cannot push RP on other players that do not wish to participate.
  • You HAVE to use in-game voice chat while doing RP.
  • Don't use RP as an excuse to kill players.
  • Respect people that are RP'ing, don't ruin their RP session.


  • Teams can have 8 members max.
  • Don't intentionally run into explosives thrown by your team members.
  • Don't intentionally run into gun fire by your team members.

The following rules are only to be followed during the monthly purge, purge date/time is announced on our Discord server.

  • Killing is allowed everywhere.
  • Raiding is allowed everywhere.
  • Team limit during purge is 6.
  • Use of Exploits/Glitches in the map will be punished with a ban.
  • Use of Cheating/hacking will be punished with a ban.
  • All rules about player behaviour are still in effect.
  • Don't be toxic, rude or blatantly troll people.
  • The despawning of loot is not allowed.
  • TC/LOOT can be hidden during purge.
  • Trap bases can be constructed during purge.
  • SAM Sites can used during purge.


  • Vehicles have a right of way on roads/rails/water. Meaning if you get hit by a Car on a road, train on rails, boats on water, it is your fault. If someone is caught intentionally abusing this rule they will be banned.
  • If a car run over a person off-road, the car is at fault and is subject to punishment.
  • If you do run someone over by accident, do not loot them, but instead help them get back to their body.
  • If you find a car in the wild that is locked, you cannot damage it, to remove the lock, you are not allowed to take someone else's car without their permission.
  • Since there is a limited amount of cars that can spawn in the wild, we're limiting how many cars players can have. Cars are limited to the following amounts:
    • Solo players can have 1 car.
    • Teams can have 2 cars.