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Ban Appeal Format

So you have been banned from our Server and/or Discord? If you would like to appeal your ban, pleas...

July 19, 2021


**AUTO KIT:** ----- **REQUIREMENTS:** None **COOLDOWN:** None **USES:** Infinite **CO...

July 19, 2021

In-Depth Server Rules

To keep the server fun for everyone we expect all players to stick to the rules listed below. Vio...

July 24, 2021

Staff Requirements

----- **[HELPER]** **(Discord Only)** * You are 16 years or older. * You are an active player...

July 25, 2021

Staff Applications

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in becoming a part of the Evolved team. Plea...

July 26, 2021

Server Features

This feature list only shows player available features. **Custom** = Plugin custom created for Ev...

July 26, 2021

Player Commands

**Backpacks:** **INFO:** Allows players to have backpacks that provide them with extra inventory...

July 26, 2021

VIP/VIP+ Commands

The following are commands available to VIP & VIP+ members only. ----- **Economy:** **INFO:...

July 26, 2021

The Purge information

**What is THE PURGE?** ----- Since all items and progress are removed when the server wipes, E...

July 26, 2021

Server Updates (June 2020)

----- * OXIDE implemented. * Several plugins implemented. * Custom map implemented. * Added au...

July 26, 2021


Discord: Middel#9816

Twitter: @Middel2018