Raidable Bases [Implemented]

Raidable Bases [Implemented]

Raidable Bases [Implemented]

Hello everyone,

Lets talk about the upcoming feature called: Raidable Bases

Starting next wipe on the 7th of October this feature will be live on the server for people to enjoy.
Raidable bases is basically 5 bases get spawned randomly on the map and players get to raid them.

The spawns won't interfere with player builds or with existing monuments.
There is black spheres (Bubbles) around the Raidable bases zones which will indicate where the base to raid is.
NPCs will not be able to hurt you from within the bubble if you stand outside, however you are not able to hurt NPCs either that are inside the bubble from the outside.

There is currently 5 difficulties, with each difficulty having around 10 different designed bases.
There is currently the following difficulties:
- Easy
- Normal
- Hard
- Expert
- Nightmare

Now expert and nightmare will never show up on the same day (real life scheduled days)
Expert and Nightmare only spawns on the following days:
- Expert on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.
- Nightmare on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.

The other difficulties will always randomly be up.
When one raid base gets raided, it will despawn after a while, and a new one will spawn. There will always be 5 Raidable bases up at a time. (different difficulties)

About PVP:

PVP is allowed in the bubbles of the Raidable Bases. You cannot hurt players that are inside the bubble from outside the bubble.
However (its a bug) it is possible to kill players outside the bubble from the inside. This is NOT allowed. Keep things fair.

We know for a fact this is gonna happen one way or the other, so if you are the one that's killed from the inside of the bubble while being on the outside, it is important that you clip it and send it to staff with your report. Just reporting that you got killed while being outside the bubble from someone on the inside of the bubble, will not get the person on the inside punished.
We need video proof that it occured cause we will not be invisible around every single raid.

Keep things fair and have fun. Killing is fine, however you should not loot the player that you killed, leave their loot alone.
You are allowed to steal the base loot though, from Raidable Bases.

I might have missed some information about Raidable bases, but if something becomes an issue, i will address that later.
For now i hope everybody enjoys this feature to come, as it took weeks to configure, this plugin is a PAIN IN THE ASS to setup.

Enjoy everyone!

Posted on October 3, 2021 by Skillz