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Cooking Feature added!

Cooking Feature added!

This new feature on Evolved adds a large variety of ingredients, recipes, and effects to the server.
These ingredients have their own skins and names and are part of the many recipes included with this feature.

There are over 40 recipes.
Each recipe has a list of up to 10 different ingredients and will provide one of the 25 unique buffs.

This feature comes with over 35 unique ingredients, and also includes some of the default items in Rust.

There are 19 unique sources that ingredients can be obtained from, such as:
* cutting trees.
* collecting pumpkins.
* harvesting animals.
* etc.

The chances for each ingredient to drop are based on the interaction with that source.
For example:

Picking a pumpkin offers 1 chance, as it is 1 interaction to pick a pumpkin, while cutting down a tree may be 10-20 chances (depending on the tool used), as it takes a number of hits to make a tree fall.
When a roll is successful, it then rolls through each item type and selects the item based on that item's "dropchance", allowing certain ingredients to more or less common than others.

The farmers market is an in-built market system that allows players to buy and sell ingredients for in-game currency.
The buy and sell value are predefined to be respectively $10/buy | $5/sell.
The market can be accessed by typing in /market.

- How to cook?
Simply place down a BBQ and open the BBQ interface and click the Cooking button.
or type /recipemenu

Posted on September 6, 2021 by Skillz