Player Features


This feature add all your teammates to the automatic authorization list, which means they are automatically authorized to Tool Cupboards, Turrets, Codelocks, Keylocks. Every team member will have full access to your base, and all boxes, but the same counts for you, you'll also have access to your team mates bases and boxes. However people automatically authorized do NOT have permissions to change codelock codes and the likes. Please be very careful who you trust and add to your team, as it basically gives them access to everything the team owns as a whole.

/teamauth (View status of team authorization)
/teamauthui (Open Team Authorization UI)

This plugin is not custom but has additional code added by Evolved.


This feature gives players access to a backpack that provides more inventory space than normally available.

/backpack (Open your own backpack)
/backpackgui (Toggle whether you can see the backpack GUI button)

- Open console (F1)
- Type: bind b ""

VIP Info:
- VIP get 5 rows of extra space.
- VIP+ get 7 rows of extra space, and they don't drop their backpack on death.


This feature adds custom internet radio stations to the game for use with the Boombox/Handheld Boombox.

/stations (Shows you a detailed list of stations to use with your boombox)
/station <number> (Will play a selected station from the stations list)

Current Radio Stations:
- Q-Dance Radio (Hardstyle Radio)

Extra Info:
Do you have an idea for a radio station that should be added to the list? let us know in a suggestion on our forums.


This feature adds a custom mechanic after the Bradley fight, by spawning some powerful NPCs.

- Spawns several difficult NPCs after the Bradley APC is destroyed.
- They wear custom kits.
- They throw Bombs and Molotovs when attacked.


This feature makes sure that both BradleyGuards and BradleyTiers function well together. It adds a couple special options to the Bradley, for example Custom Loot, Custom pathing, etc.


This feature adds multiple difficulties to the Bradley APC fight, there are currently 5 different difficulties. The harder the difficulty, the more loot boxes that will spawn after the fight.

- Vanilla Bradley | 1000HP | Takes roughly 3 C4 & 7 HV Rockets to kill.
- Easy Bradley | 2500HP | Takes roughly 8 C4 & 18 HV Rockets to kill.
- Medium Bradley | 4000HP | Takes roughly 12 C4 & 28 HV Rockets to kill.
- Hard Bradley | 8000HP | Takes roughly 24 C4 & 56 HV Rockets to kill.
- Nightmare Bradley | 15000HP | Takes roughly 45 C4 & 105 HV Rockets to kill.


This feature is very simple. If you are authorized in a building zone, you can demolish/rotate everything without any kind of timelimits. However you can only demolish/rotate something YOU have build. You also have to be authorized in the Tool Cupboard for this to work.


This feature is also very simple, you place down a workbench (either level 1, 2, or 3) in your building, and you can craft while being anywhere in your building, you do not have to be close to the workbench in order to craft what you wanna craft. Keep in mind, you will have need a Tool Cupboard placed for this to work.


This feature spawns a Cargo Train Event on the map once every hour, that players can try to beat to get some extra loot.


This feature is basically our voting system, simply login to our website and cast your vote, after voting, data will be sent to in-game, and you can claim your reward in-game.

/vote (Show vote links)
/claim (Claim vote rewards)
/rewardlist (Displays what rewards you can get)

Current Vote sites:

Possible Rewards:
- In-game Currency
- Supply Signals
- Website Currency


Economics is a basic economy system that other plugins can make use of by using the provided API. On its own, this feature doesn't add much, besides all the logic used by other plugins.

/balance (Check your balance)

VIP Command:
/transfer <playername/id> <amount> (Transfer an amount from your balance to someone else's balance)


This feature allows player to easily upgrade their building to the different tiers, simply type a command and look at the building piece you wanna upgrade and left click with your building hammer.

/hammer <grade> (This will assign a grade to your hammer to use for upgrading)

0 = Twig
1 = Wood
2 = Stone
3 = Metal
4 = Armored


This feature adds personal recycler to our server, upon purchase from the website store, you'll be able to receive your own personal recycler in-game.

This feature is only used to give personal recyclers to players who purchase such recycler through our Website Store.


This feature handles all the in-game airdrops/supply signal usages by players.

- Lag-free crate spawning.
- Random mass airdrops.
- Custom drop speed/plane speed.

FlippableTurrets [VIP Only]

This feature allows VIPs to place turrets upside down onto ceilings for example.

How to Use:
To use this feature, simply attempt to place the turret on the ceiling. While it will appear red, once you Left-Click it will take the turret out of your inventory and face the turret at you.

FullRepair [VIP Only]

A simple feature that disables max condition loss, the red bar items receive when repaired. It also allows VIPs to repair items without the need to have the repair cost.

This plugin has been custom created for Evolved.


Furnace Splitter makes the hassle of preparing furnaces a thing of the past. Simply put your ores into the furnace and they will be split up into calculated stacks.

/fs on/off (Enable/Disable Furnace Splitter)


This feature adds a full on Kits system to our server, specific kits are available for the full wipe, including specific kits for VIPs only, and special kits for special events.

/kit (Open kits menu)

Available Kits:
- Auto (Kit automatically redeemed when spawning)
- Starter
- VIP (VIP Only)
- VIP+ (VIP+ Only)
- Purge (Only available during the monthly purge)
- Christmas (Only available during Christmas)
- Fireworks (Only available during Christmas)

Fore more information about the kits, click here.

This plugin is not custom but has additional code added by Evolved.

NightVision [VIP Only]

This feature adds unlimited nightvision goggles to our server, only VIPs have access to this feature.

/unvg (Toggles unlimited nightvision goggles)


This feature grants players the ability to call a "Personal Patrol Helicopter", that can be damaged only by the player who called it. The Patrol Helicopter doesn't target anybody else. The Patrol Helicopter loot can only be taken by the player that called it. The cooldown for the Personal Patrol Helicopter is 3 real-life hours. When other players try to attack the called Patrol Helicopter or take loot from it, they will see a message in chat that it isn't possible. When you die the Patrol helicopter will leave!

/callheli (Calls personal patrol helicopter, be prepared for it)


This feature is able to show a GUI with personal statistics, server leaderboard, per-category statistics.
Tables with personal best records per category, top scoring records per category, and top 30 players per category.

/pr (Shows Player Rankings)

Statistics tracked:
- PVE Kills.
- PVE Distance.
- NPC Kills.
- NPC Distance.
- Headshots.
- Deaths.
- Suicides.
- Times Wounded.
- Times Healed.
- Helicopter Hits.
- Helicopter Kills.
- APC Hits.
- APC Kills.
- Barrels Destroyed.
- Explosives Thrown.
- Arrows Fired.
- Bullets Fired.
- Rockets Launched.
- Airdrops Looted.
- Structures Built.
- Structures Demolished.
- Items Deployed.
- Items Crafted.
- Entities Repaired.
- Resources Gathered.
- Structures Upgraded.
- Economy.
- Playtime.


This feature allows players to purchase workshop skins through an in-game skinshop that uses in-game currency to purchase. These skins rollover between wipes unless specified otherwise.
After purchasing the skins using the skinshop, you can skin your items with the skins you've purchased.

/skinshop (Opens the shop to buy skins from)
/skin (Open selection menu to skin hold item)

This plugin is not custom but has additional code added by Evolved.


This feature tracks player playtime, including the tracking of AFK time.

/playtime (Displays your playtime)
/playtime top (Displays the top 10 players playtime)


This feature allows players to use turrets without the need of electricity, not all players know how to use electricity properly, we want all our players to be able to protect their bases accordingly.

/turret (Toggles turret you are looking at)
/ on/off (Toggles all turrets in TC range on/off)
/ on/off (Toggles all sam sites in TC range on/off)


Quick Sort adds a new GUI menu when looting containers. Players can choose what type of items they want to put in the container, or even loot all items from the container (VIP Only).

/qs on/off (Enable/Disable the QuickSort UI)
/qs auto (Toggle automated looting)


This feature adds 5 Raidable Bases to around the map, in 5 different difficulties, 2 of which are only available on selected days of the week. Each base has custom loot tables, and NPCs/Traps defending it.
There are currently 50 different base designs available, 10 per difficulty. These bases do not spawn on top of player builds. A new placement grid is generated occasionally to make sure player builds remain untouched. PVP is only allowed in the Raidable Bases zones indicated on the map.

- Easy (Always available)
- Medium (Always available)
- Hard (Always available)
- Expert (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)
- Nightmare (Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday)


This feature adds an in-game shop to our server, where players can buy items with their in-game currency. Occasionally we change discounts in the shop for players to get certain items for a cheaper price.

/shop (Open the in-game shop)

Extra Info:
If you would like to suggest something to be added to the in-game shop, please make sure to let us know!

This plugin is not custom but has additional code added by Evolved.


This feature allows players to download images onto signs, photo frames, and banners in-game.

/sil <url> (Download the image from the url to the server and display it on the sign you are currently looking at)
/silt <message> (Downloads a generated image with the given text on the sign you are currently looking at)


This feature adds a skills system to our server, players can use their in-game currency to purchase specific skills, that will upgrade their abilities such as for example: farming, damage, defense. etc.

/skills (Open the Skills menu)

Skills Available:
- Wood Gathering.
- Stone Gathering.
- Metal Gathering.
- Sulfur Gathering.
- Attack Damage.
- Defense Rating.
- Health Regeneration.
- Metabolism Rating.
- Components Gathering.
- StandUpChance.
- Crafting Speed.
- Quick Smelting.
- Kits cooldown reducement.
- Butchering.
- Skinning.

This plugin is not custom but has additional code added by Evolved.


This feature allows players to purchase vehicles with the licenses system, these vehicles are player owned, meaning they cannot be mounted by players that are not in your team. You can also recall your vehicle, spawn your vehicle and not lose the inventory of such vehicles when respawning/recalling it.

/license (Show help to the player)
/buy (Buy a license)
/spawn (Spawn a vehicle)
/recall (Recall vehicles to the vicinity of the player)
/kill (kill the players vehicle)

Vehicles Licenses Available:
- Rowboat.
- Minicopter.
- RidableHorse.
- ModularCar.
- SubmarineSolo.
- SubmarineDuo.

This plugin is not custom but has additional code added by Evolved.